Greatest Hits | Volume 2

It has been nearly 2 1/2 years since we launched our first Carriage House Cooking School Class and in this time (please allow me to use some baseball analogies) we have had a a couple strike outs, numerous base hits and few grand slam home runs. Let’s take look at the highlight reel and set the course for some volume 2 editions of those grand slams!

Art of Pi | Artisan Pizza @ Home
Steak House Classics @ Home
Passage to India

Art of Pi

These three classes have been the biggest hits by far. In fact the Art of Pi is the class we founded the school’s accessible and actionable mantra on. Pizza, being so universally accepted, was the perfect vehicle to introduce our accessible approach to technique and ingredients, allowing participants to take action by returning home to make great pizza in the comfort of their own kitchens.

Steakhouse Classics @ Home

Boy was this another home run class. Steakhouses were a uniquely American concept, with a bit of hedonistic gluttony steakhouses carved their way into American food culture.

Volume 1 focused on some classic dishes like the Chophouse Wedge Salad, Creamed Spinach and the Classic NY Strip steak. Volume 2 will include some contemporary offerings and a larger focus on alternative and regional cuts of meat and seafood. Don’t worry Volume 2 will still have plenty of those hedonistic culinary motivators.

Passage to india

2019 Saw an upswell of love for Indian foods, we offered 9 different Indian courses and private events! It is nice to know we may be the sole access point for great Indian food in the North Country. Passage to India’s goal was to demystify Indian cuisine for you. Without question that goal was accomplished but there is so much more to offer.

Volume 2 will explore foods from various states and regions, from common home foods to popular street foods of the major cities and creolized versions of Indian immigrants to North America and Europe.

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