Cooking Classes At The Carriage House

Cooking classes and events at The Carriage House Cooking School are held in the studio on the second floor of the carriage house at Hallock Hill Farm.  Our kitchen is specifically designed for small hands on cooking classes and demonstration classes for the home cook, foodie or connoisseur of fine food.  

All cooking classes include digital and printed materials, detailed instruction from our chefs and planned in-the-moment teaching experiences that will elevate your cooking skills.  Classes have a variety of formats, some are hands on, demonstration or multi day.  Our class descriptions will have those details.

Class Sizes are limited to the following:

Hands on 6 persons
Demonstration classes 15 persons
Dinner classes 8 persons (10 for private groups)

Many of our classes can be offered privately as well. For more information regarding private group classes click here. For Information regarding personal instruction click here.


Click on the description title to learn more and to register.