Things To Know

Here are some pieces of information we would like to share with you prior to the start of your class or to help you make a decision to come cook with us.  

Where we are


The Carriage House Cooking School

463 Hallock Hill Road
Peru, NY 12972


The Carriage House is located approximately:

15 minutes from Plattsburgh, New York
35 minutes from Keene Valley, New York
40 minutes from Lake Placid, New York
90 minutes from Saratoga, New York
60 minutes from Burlington, Vermont
70 minutes from Middlebury, Vermont
90 minutes from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

**Our property is marked by a brick gateway at the end of the driveway.

Where Classes Are Held

We offer classes at our school in Peru, NY and at the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid, NY.

*Carriage House Classes

Classes are held in the upstairs of the carriage house barn. There is an entry door inside the carriage house, please enter and proceed upstairs. During winter months we keep the carriage house door closed to preserve heat and be more sustainable. We will open the carriage house door for you when you arrive and depart.

*Mirror Lake Inn Classes

Generally we are in the Conference Center on the second floor of the Mirror Lake Inn, however, we can move from time to time. We recommend you check at the front desk to find out exact location.

Mirror Lak Inn classes are open to the public, so if you are staying elsewhere we welcome you to come and share our classes.


We have plenty of parking.  If there are no spaces remaining in front of the Carriage House please park along the left side of the driveway once you pull in.  Those arriving first parking closest to the Carriage House.

Arrival time

We make every attempt to start and end class on time.  We recognize how structured our lives are so it is greatly appreciated if all participants could arrive 10 minutes prior to the stated start time of the class.  

What to wear

Wear what you like.  Be comfortable.  We have aprons to wear during our hands on classes and if you like them we have them for sale as well.  


We do not serve alcohol at the Carriage House, however, we do grant a revocable permission for the responsible consumption of beer, cider or wine by our guests if they choose to bring those to our facility in Peru, NY.  Liquor and mixed drinks are not allowed, no exceptions.

BYOB is not allowed at the Mirror Lake Inn although alcoholic beverages are available for purchase from the Mirror Lake Inn.


The Carriage House Cooking School and its property are tobacco free, no exceptions.


New York State does not place a sales and use tax on educational services, as such our classes do not get taxed.  (click here for more information)