Maple Miso Chicken

with the sap running I thought I’d play with miso and maple syrup. The end result are these absolutely delicious maple miso chicken thighs.  

Maple Miso Chicken Thighs

Maple Miso Chicken Thighs

To be honest sap running wasn’t the only inspiration. I came across these miso products at Market 32 this afternoon and decided to try them out.  

Red and White Miso Paste

Red and White Miso Paste

I also found, for the first time on this side of Lake Champlain, an amazing mushroom flavored dark soy sauce.  

Mushroom flavored dark soy sauce (Reese photo bombing). 

Mushroom flavored dark soy sauce (Reese photo bombing). 

I have used this in the past and have only seen it in larger formats. This little bottle is the perfect size for home use.

it is thicker than soy sauce and a little goes a long way.  Well worth the investment and added bottle  in the fridge! 

I purchased skinless and boneless chicken thighs and cut them into smaller pieces. Chicken thighs are far more flavorful than chicken breasts so we have been trying to get them more.  

Maple Miso Marinade

1 stick unsalted butter

2 tablespoons sweet white miso paste

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 tablespoon garlic paste

1 teaspoon ground black pepper

3 tablespoons mushrooom soy sauce

I melted the butter in the microwave then added the remaining ingredients before mixing it up.   I added the cut up chicken and mixed it well to coat        

After a quick 30 minute marinade I placed them on a sheet tray and roasted them at 425F gas with convection on.  In an electric oven without convection I’d roast them a 435F.

Time will vary on this based on your oven, space between the meat and the size of the pieces of chicken. 

Thats it.  Super simple.  If you can get local chicken then it will be even better.  I served mine with white jasmine rice and roasted asparagus,  mushrooms and onions.    

I hope you give these a try!