Delicious New March Classes!

We have added several new classes for March.

It was great fun designing these classes and testing some of the recipes, the recipes for Taco Tuesday and Brioche classes were particularly enjoyable to develop. 

March 2018 Classes.png

Feel free to go to our calendar on the home page or the classes page and take a look at the class in detail.

The simplicity of food cooked on a stick over a flame is hard to beat. Kebabs are thought to be one of the first primitive cooking methods once humans learned to manipulate fire.  Stick Foods | Kebabs, Satays & Keftas takes this concept around the world with several delicious recipes and accompaniments.

Taco Tuesday is all about real and rustic flavors of a simple food staple in Mexico.  This class will showcase how to make your own flour and corn tortillas and to move you away from boxed taco kits.

Simple & Delicious Indoor Grilling allows us to show how easily our stove top and oven can be manipulated to produce great grilled foods with ease.  This class will even include a recipe for a grilled pear tart!

Asian Noodles is all about my love for Asian foods, in particular the noodle dishes that make the cuisines of this part of the world so spectacular.  In this class we will prepare noodle dishes from Thailand, China and Japan.

Brioche | The Wonder Bread allows me to showcase an easy to make enriched yeast dough that is as versatile as it is luxurious.  Brioche, like pate au choux, is a dough that every serious cook and baker should know by heart.  Once you understand how the dough behaves in hand and at rest then practice and experience will make you a master after this class.

Finally our Knife Skills for Foodies class harkens back to my roots of teaching, Professional Cooking 121.  Knife skills are the backbone of professional chefs, there is no reason why a serious home cook or foodie wouldn't want to elevate their skills as well.  We will chop, dice, smash and slice our way through several recipes and get to know our knives and tools in a manner that makes them extensions of ourselves.

I look forward to sharing the kitchen with you next month.  As usual contact us if you have any questions or comments.


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