A cooking school is born

Last year I quietly opened The Carriage House Cooking School here at our farm.  


Since I left my role as Dean of New England Culinary Institute I have increasingly missed teaching, it was an activity which allowed me to openly share my craft of cooking with the students and engage others in thoughtful discussion regarding cooking techniques and food in general.

It is my hope that The Carriage House Cooking School becomes woven into the fabric of our food and agriculture community.  Through our classes we want to create a place where people can share their love of time spent in the kitchen, the craft of cooking and the sharing of good food with other like minded people.


To me a place such as this has been missing from our community.  We have a wonderful agriculture and farm scene that rivals many places across the country, somehow though we missed the element that brings people together in the kitchen, cooking, which is why I say ... the Ingredients are just the beginning.

At The Carriage House Cooking School we offer classes in a wide array of styles and themes.  By far our Simple Everyday Bread, Art of Pi and Artisan Pasta @ Home classes are the most popular. These are hands on classes in a small and intimate setting with no more than six people in a class.  this allows plenty instructional time and time enough to produce great food.

seafood cooking class.jpg

We also offer demonstration dinner classes where a menu is created and prepared.  I chose the menu based on teachable moments within recipes and demonstrate each of those before we  serve the dishes family style.  These classes offer a lot of room for questions, areas where participation can happen and at the end of class a wonderful meal is served. 


We also do custom classes for special events such as anniversaries, bridal showers, girls night out, book clubs, etc.  I enjoy planning these and being trusted with the responsibility to make sure these are wonderful experiences.  There is no higher honor for me than to be a part of these moments.

I hope to fine tune classes over the coming year, to explore new areas of interest with each of you and to help build a tighter an more impactful cooking community.

I welcome all feedback and comments via our Facebook page.

Let's hope that we can spend some time cooking together.  Feel free to check out our classes on the calendar on our home page.