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It's National Pizza Day!!

The people spoke and the powers that be declared this day, Friday, February 9, National Pizza Pie Day 2018 in United States of America. And we all rejoiced. 


In all seriousness I am happy foods get a day of reckoning. The website has a well curated list of national food observance day by month, be sure to check out and see if your favorite food is honored. declares that kids in the age group of 3-11 prefer pizza over any other food (I bet that age group could be extended with similar results).

Many cultures have a form of pizza, maybe not called by the name but they are there.  So it makes sense that pizza is part of America's melting pot cuisine.  

The California Pizza Kitchen was instrumental in bringing pizza into the food fusion world here in America.  

We also cannot forget how Wolfgang Puck took a simple street food and made it the food of celebrities and the social elite.

For decades I made Wolfgang Puck's pizza dough at work and home.  It wasn't until about five years ago where I began to experiment and play with various levels of hydration and flour types, along with different fermentation times.

Now I am thrilled to teach our Art of Pi class and share my experiences and love for a simple street food.  

I think it is fitting for pizza to have its day and I hope people appreciate it for its role on our food culture and the time we share together as we share a slice.