1/12 The Art of Pi | Artisan Pizzas at Home

1/12 The Art of Pi | Artisan Pizzas at Home


6:00 to 9:00 PM

Making great pizza isn’t magic, its based on technique, ingredients, discipline and experience.  In The Art of Pi class you will mix, proof and shape doughs, make pizza sauce and cook amazing pizzas that can be replicated in any home kitchen.  

Every participant will bake a classic Margherita pizza and additional pizzas to share with others in class and to bring home.

Primary Recipes for The Art of Pi class include:

Neapolitan Pizza Dough
Fresh Tomato Sauce
Classic Margherita Pizza

Other recipes and ingredients are available to showcase your inner pizza madness and creativity.

Some examples of creative pizzas include:

Chicken Ranch Pizza
Smoked Pork & BBQ Pizza
Green Chile Enchillada Pizza
Wild Fungi & Truffle Oil
Kalamata Olive & Feta Focaccia

Why call for delivery when you can make amazingly delicious artisan style pizza at home! 

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