5/11 Cooking with Local Beer


5/11 Cooking with Local Beer


6:00 to 9:00 PM

The rise in popularity and access of local craft brewing allows us to showcase dishes in which beer can be used as focal ingredient, with beer driving the character and flavor of the dish.

In this class we will prepare several simple, versatile and delicious recipes that are perfect for game day gatherings, beer tastings or just a simple making it through the day brews and chews.    

The class is suitable for the novice to the experienced cook.  If you have a passion for beer, love good food and enjoy cooking then this class is for you! 

Recipes for the class may include some of the following:

Beer & Cheese Gougeres
Adirondack Rarebit
Smoked Chicken Wings with Honey & Beer BBQ Sauce
Herb & Beer Butter on Sirloin Steak
Canadian Cheese & Ale Soup

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