Chef Curtiss Hemm

Chef Curtiss loves to teach and is passionate about getting people excited and eager to cook.

Chef Curtiss is the former Dean of Culinary Arts and Director of Online Programs at the New England Culinary Institute (NECI).  

Prior to NECI Chef Curtiss was a Culinary instructor and program coordinator at Paul Smith's College of Arts and Science.

While at Paul Smith's College Chef Curtiss spent several terms residing and teaching in Burgundy, France.  Throughout his tenure as a culinary ambassador for the cultural immersion program he travelled extensively, lived like a local and experienced how the food and wine of France are embedded within the cultural heritage of its people and communities.

Specializing in the artistic presentation and preparation of food, Chef Curtiss is the author of Garde Manger: The Cold Kitchen, a contemporary culinary textbook focused on the preparation and artistic expression of charcuterie, salads, sandwiches, buffets and decorative sculptures.  

Chef Curtiss' recipes can be found monthly in Northern Home, Garden and Leisure Magazine.

In addition to the Carriage House Cooking School Chef Curtiss is the founder and owner of Pink Ribbon Cooking, a publishing company with a particular focus on helping to prevent, navigate and thrive in the presence of breast cancer.

 Photo courtesy of  Greer Cicarelli Photography

Photo courtesy of Greer Cicarelli Photography

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Reese is our farm dog; he is almost always by Chef Curtiss's side. 

Reese will most likely make his presence known at some point during a class at the Carriage House Cooking School.

Reese is a rescue dog that we adopted from Golden Huggs Rescue in Vermont.  

He loves life at the farm and is a huge part of making every guest feel welcome when they arrive.