MLI Corporate Sales Menu #3 | A Taste of The Adirondacks


MLI Corporate Sales Menu #3 | A Taste of The Adirondacks


This 2 1/2 hour demonstration class will showcase a variety of raised, grown and produced foods from within the blue line of the Adirondacks and beyond.  

Each recipe will be thoroughly explained and prepared so that participants can replicate them at home.

Participants will enjoy a selection of plated foods to nosh on while the chef demonstrates the recipes.  

A recipe packet with detailed information about each of the featured products will be provided.

Parisienne Gnocchi Gratiner
Tomato, Local Cheese, Herb

Reverse Seared Sous Vide Duck Breast 
Asgaard Farm Duck Breast, Pomegranate Pan jus, Parsnip Purée, Pan Roasted Carrots

Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart
Hallock Hill Farm Oat Crust, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Pomme du Lac Caramel Sauce

A selection of beverages may be purchased at an additional cost from Taste Bistro.

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