Cooking Classes at the Mirror Lake Inn

Nestled in the heart of Lake Placid, New York, The Mirror Lake Inn is the epitome of Adirondack hospitality and the Carriage House Cooking School’s "home away from home" so to speak.  

Chef Curtiss, the former Dean of Culinary Arts at the prestigious New England Culinary Institute, has long considered the Mirror Lake Inn the perfect venue for cooking classes. He has been a guest chef and instructor with the Inn’s numerous Food & Wine Festivals and several special events.

At the Inn The Carriage House Cooking School offers demonstration style classes and unique food, wine and beverage experiences. Each offering designed so that participants can go home and replicate and share their learning experiences.

Whenever possible classes will celebrate the bounty of the Adirondacks and the farmers, producers and people that have built the edible landscapes within and surrounding the Adirondack Park.

Upcoming MIrror Lake Inn Classes

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*All classes are offered solely through the Carriage House Cooking School.
*Please address all questions to the Carriage House Cooking School.
*Confirmed overnight guests of the Mirror Lake Inn will receive a Carriage House Cooking School apron as appreciation for their stay and registration.

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