8/24/19 A Passage to India @ Mirror Lake Inn

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Indian Spiced Lamb Spices3868.jpg

8/24/19 A Passage to India @ Mirror Lake Inn


Location | Mirror Lake Inn

Time | 1:30 to 4:30

Class Type | Demonstration

One of the greatest, most mature and flavorful cuisines on the planet hails from India. People love Indian cuisine because of its spices, health attributes and its variety of flavors and textures.

While Indian food is absolutely delicious, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. The goal of this class is to demonstrate, through a few key recipes, how accessible, simple and delicious true Indian foods can be. Making them crave worthy additions to your repertoire.

Recipes for the class include:

Keema Mattar Chawal
lamb, peas, cumin, cilantro, garam masal

Lahsuni Rai Beans
haricot vert, mustard seed, chilies, cumin, onion

Murgh Makhani 
chicken, tomato, yogurt, cinnamon, onion, butter, garam masala

thick yogurt, cardamon powder, honey, pistachio

Along with the above menu Chef Curtiss will demonstrate how to make simple curry powders and Indian spice mixes.

Registration for the class includes:

printed recipe packet
bottled water
light hors d’oeuvres

During the class select wines and beverages will be available from the Mirror Lake Inn for an additional charge.

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