11/24/2019 Thanksgiving Sides

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11/24/2019 Thanksgiving Sides


Date | November 24, 2019

Time | 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Location | Carriage House Cooking School (Peru)

Class Type | Demonstration and Hands On

Thanksgiving is a serious cooks holiday.

Without presents to hide behind or a scavenger hunt for hidden eggs, it is up to

the cook to be the star of the show, prepare a feast for the family and do it all so it comes out on time.

This demonstration and hands on class will bring focus to the side dishes, that to Chef Curtiss, make up the best parts of the meal.

"Side dishes allow you to add several make ahead dishes that can bring real wow power to the table while easing the day of work.”

Chef Curtiss

If your looking to ease your work and add some new, vibrant dishes to your Thanksgiving table then this class is for you.


Individual Stuffing Loaves
Robuchon Potatoes
Sage & Peppercorn Turkey Veloute
Gratiner of Creamed Leeks
Quick Bread & Butter PicklesPickles
Balsamic Mushrooms & Onions

At the end of class there will be a sliced turkey roulade served with the above items to showcase a complete thanksgiving meal.

There are only two offerings for this class so sign up early!

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